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Work Experience Parental Consent Form

I give permission for my child’s work experience placement in July.

If for any reason my child is unable to attend work we will ring the School before 9.00 a.m. and also ring the Company as soon as possible.

My child is my responsibility while they are travelling to and from the placement (please see note below*).

Medical Information: it is essential for Health and Safety reasons that the Company knows about any medical condition your child has, however minor. To withhold any information may cause problems for your child during the placement.

If your child has an education need such as ASC/Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, it may be beneficial to inform the placement in advance, to enable them to meet this need so that the placement goes smoothly. If you would like to share any information with the placement, please ensure that it is discussed during the phone call/interview.

Has your child got a medical condition which the placement provider needs to know about.*
 ConditionMedical treatment

I appreciate that the above information will be passed to the relevant Company prior to the placement starting.

* Pupils will not be covered by School or the Company’s insurance while they are travelling to and from the placements and parents may like to consider individual insurance cover. The duty of care for this time will rest with parents/guardian.

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