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OCR Cambridge Level 1/2 in Enterprise and Marketing-J819

The OCR Cambridge Level 1 / 2 in Enterprise and Marketing is similar to a BTEC course. There are 6 grades available to achieve and broadly equate to GCSE grades as follows:

Grade Achieved GCSE Equivalent

  • Level 1 Pass 1 
  • Level 1 Merit 2
  • Level 1 Distinction 3
  • Level 2 Pass 4/5
  • Level 2 Merit 6/7
  • Level 2 Distinction 8
  • Level 2 Distinction Star 9

Course Contents 

There are three mandatory units that students will have to study:

Unit R064: Enterprise and marketing concepts

Students explore the techniques businesses use to understand their market and develop products, investigate what makes a product viable and understand how businesses attract and retain customers. 

Please note: This unit is assessed by an exam taken at the end of Year 10. There are opportunities to resit the exam either in the January or June of Year 11. This exam is worth 80 marks of the overall grade awarded, which accounts for 50% of the overall grade. There are 6 learning outcomes that encapsulate the entire 80 mark exam paper. These are:

  • L.O 1: Understand how to target a market – Marketing, Market Research, Segmentation
  • L.O 2: Understand what makes a product or service financially viable – Costs, Revenue & Profit
  • L.O 3: Understand product development - 3.1 The product lifecycle
  • L.O 4: Understand how to attract and retain customers – Pricing, Advertising & Customer Service
  • L.O 5: Understand factors for consideration when starting up a business – Business Plan
  • L.O 6: Understand different functional activities needed to support a business start-up – Departments

Unit R065: Design a business proposal

Students are presented with a business challenge from which they create a researched and costed business proposal. They will carry out market research, present data, use idea generation tools, seek and act on feedback, and cost their proposals. In their work on this unit they will develop their self-assessment, collaborative working, creativity, numeracy, research and evaluation skills. This unit is assessed by a portfolio of coursework completed in Year 10 and accounts for 60 marks of the overall grade awarded.

Unit R066: Market and pitch a business proposal

Students prepare for and pitch the business proposal that they developed in the previous unit. They develop a brand identity and investigate how best to promote their product and then plan, practise and finally deliver their pitch. Afterwards they review both their performance and their business proposal. This will help develop their analysis and self-evaluation skills as well as those relating to self-presentation. This unit is assessed by a portfolio of coursework completed in Year 11 and accounts for 60 marks of the overall grade awarded. 

R065 & R066 – 50% of overall grade

Students write and create 2 assignments – 25% each of the overall grade.

They have to apply all of the material studied from R064 to a real-life Business scenario, solving problems and meeting a bespoke challenge set. Students are required to ‘design’ their proposal in R065 before ‘pitching’ their proposal in R066.

R065 – conducted and completed at the end of Year 10 – so students have completed 75% of the overall grade 

R066 – conducted and completed during Year 11