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Parents & Carers

Contact with Parents

Communication with parents is important to us as we believe that the education of our children is essentially a partnership. Letters are sent home and emailed to parents during the year to keep you informed about what is going on at school. These are also posted on this site, together with other news and information about school activities and also in the termly published "Idsall Voice" newsletter. Learning Managers and Subject Leaders may also write from time to time. Please look out for all of these - they sometimes only turn up at the end of term along with the stale sandwiches at the bottom of the school bag. Important letters usually carry a response slip. We are grateful when parents return these so that we know that the message has been received. We will normally send you a personal letter by post if we have concerns about your child’s standard of work, progress or behaviour. It is usually helpful if you respond to this with a phone call or visit so that we can sort out the problem as quickly as possible.

Parents' Evenings

Each year group has one formal Parents' Evening during the course of the school year, although parents are always welcome to come to school at other times to talk about areas of concern. The School uses an on-line appointment booking system for Parents’ Evenings whereby parents are able to choose their own appointment times from any internet connected device. The system has been set up to allow as many parents to see the teachers they wish by allowing a maximum of 6 appointments. In order for this to work efficiently we recommend you make appointments for members of staff where you have a particular concern or question regarding your child’s progress. Owing to pressure of numbers we have to limit interviews at Parents’ Evenings to five minutes with each teacher for years 7 to 11. The web is address

Reporting on Student Progress

We provide parents with their child's progress and assessment information three times per year.  It enables parents to get closer to and support their child’s learning, enabling them to work with teachers as partners in improving learning outcomes for their child.   We are keen to email these reports directly to parents as a PDF rather than sending by post so it is important parents let us know about any changes in email address.


Here at Idsall we have been providing students and parents with an online system for viewing homework for many years, and from January 2017 we have been using the 'Show My Homework' website.  Show My Homework has been a great success in providing parents with information about the homework their child receives.  It displays the completion time, due date and any additional resources available to download.  Also, a new facility coming soon will enable you to view timetables.  We believe it can help to improve a students’ organisation, time-management, and support them in keeping on top of their workload.

Please see our Show My Homework page for more details.

If parents have any queries, then Mrs Davies, PA to the Headteacher would be happy to help, email:

See "In this section" for more parent information.